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We collect data for all 32 teams. Pass Offense, Rush Defense Etc. Then we rank each team 1- 32 for each stat category. We also calculate scoring history and red zone averages.  Each week we match the teams for each game head to head.

So we combine scoring data with head to head perfomance matchups. For instance - how one pass offenese will fair vs the other pass defense. That effects our final projected score. The result is an calculated projection of how much the Favorite will or will not cover by.  Also the projected Total for Overs and Unders.

We also Handicap Golf for the PGA, Euro PGA and Asian Tour.

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2016 56-44  56%     SBR Video
2015 52-50 51%      
2014 55-36 60% Video
2013 72-34 68%      
2012 61-15 86%    
2011 86-28 75%      
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